The quality and pH of the water in a spray tank may drastically affect the effectiveness of the product being sprayed. Different fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and plant nutrients require different water qualities and pH levels to perform optimally. Unless the spray tank environment is corrected and monitored, the cost effectiveness of the application is reduced dramatically.

pH Green and pH Green Plus have been formulated to overcome these constraints, correct the spray tank water and therefore increase the effectiveness of the product being sprayed.

Salt Rectifier

Salt Rectifier
Wetter and spreader

Both pH Green and pH Green Plus are proper buffers. This means that they not merely acidify, but rather stabilise the water to a pH of 4.5 and resist a change in pH as the spray products are added.

Because it is a true buffer, it is almost impossible to cause damage by adding too much.


Soluble salts in the water often reduce the effectiveness of a product being sprayed by binding with such products. In addition this also makes it more difficult for the product to penetrate the surfaces of the plant.

pH Green and pH Green Plus contain agents which render such harmful salts inactive.

To avoid spray droplets evaporating quickly and therefore reducing the time that the sprayed product is in soluble form, pH Green and pH Green Plus contain humectants which retard evaporation, retain the product in solution and therefore increase the time the product is in contact with the plant surfaces.

The better the contact between the product sprayed and the plant, the better the chances of absorption.

The wetters and spreaders in pH Green Plus assist in achieving optimal wetting of plant surfaces.

Products applied as a spray will have optimal effectiveness when:
the pH of the water is correct for the application,
the effect of harmful salts are neutralised,
the spread of the spray over plant surfaces is maximised
the period the spray is in contact with plant surfaces is maximised.
pH Green and pH Green Plus ensure that this happens.

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