Yield Plus e-Newsletter # 1
October 2000

Welcome to this first issue of our brand new newsletter.  We aim to keep all subscribers informed and up-to-date on the Yield Plus range on products, selected results of field trials and other interesting topics.

News focus - Yield Plus

Yield Plus is sometimes compared to other products on the market which claim to give similar results.  Yield Plus is however, a unique stress management tool which is used with success on all crops, helping them, in a natural way, to grow and produce optimally.  

Yield Plus is not a fertiliser, hormone or nutrient and is therefore not a substitute for products of this nature. On the contrary, as the plant grows better than normal, it will require an adequate, balanced program of macro and micro nutrients as well as sound, conventional agricultural practises.  

The latest products in the Yield Plus range, namely Yield Plus Classic and Yield Plus Grain, have added elements ensuring an additional supply of micro nutrients to assist the plant in producing even closer to its natural potential.

Product focus - How does Yield Plus work?

Yield-Plus is an amino acid (L-cysteine) which occurs naturally in all plants. In 1969, Mr Sing, a botanist, discovered that all plants that survive very stressful conditions (desert plants, etc.) are rich in proline. When Yield-Plus is absorbed by the plant, the proline level in the plant is raised. This high level of proline enables the plant to function normally, even under extreme stressful conditions.  

By the introduction of the naturally occurring amino acid - cysteine, the oxidation of the plant’s natural internal amino acid, proline is inhibited. By inhibiting the oxidation of proline the plant naturally produces higher levels of proline. The increased level of proline is a characteristic of enhancing osmotic functions, thus reducing osmotic stress.  

Excess proline also converts to glutamate, a plant sugar, enhancing the vigour of the plant. Not only again assisting the plant with external and internal natural stress factors, but also naturally helping the plant recuperate quicker after a stress situation.  

Without Yield Plus, stressful conditions (eg. a sudden cold spell or heat wave), will cause a reaction in plants aimed at preserving their energy levels so that, once the stress factor has been removed, they can continue producing normally. Plants treated with Yield Plus, however, will be able to withstand stressful conditions and continue with their normal metabolic functions as if the stress factor was not there. For example, farmers in the Western Cape using Yield Plus last season, experienced greatly increased yield after an early cold spell, notably the Supergold Apricots of Mr Braam Marais of Roodehoogte Farms in the Robertson area.  

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Tip of the month

Do not apply Yield Plus, Yield Plus Classic or Yield Plus Grain within 6 hours of overhead irrigation or rain!


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