Yield Plus e-Newsletter # 2
November 2000

Welcome to this month's electronic newsletter. It has been interesting to see how many farmers are using Yield Plus on their crops for the second and third seasons in a row.  This is an indication of the wonderful success they are achieving with the application of Yield Plus on their crops resulting in increased yield, improved quality, earlier harvests and of course, additional income as a result of these improvements. We trust that this month's newsletter will further help to enhance the good results already being achieved.  

News focus - Recovery after stress  

Most forms of stress are unpredictable such as a heat wave, cold spell, drought, flood, frost, wind, etc. Even less extreme situations such as daily fluctuations in temperature and moisture constitute stress. Yield Plus should therefore be used as a preventative measure - a sort of crop insurance - so that the plant is already in a position to handle stress when it occurs.  This is the reason why more applications, more often will yield better results than fewer, more concentrated applications.  

In some cases, however, stress situations have caught farmers by surprise and an immediate application of Yield Plus after the stress event has still yielded remarkable results. This is of course not the ideal situation as better results can be achieved with preventative sprays, but listed here are a few examples to highlight the positive results of Yield Plus in treating stress related problems:

Well done to these sophisticated farmers on choosing Yield Plus to insure against total crop loss under very stressful conditions!  

Product focus - This month's focus is on our products: pH Green and pH Green Plus.  

The quality and pH of the water in a spray tank may drastically affect the effectiveness of the product being sprayed. Different fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and plant nutrients require different water qualities and pH levels to perform optimally. Unless the spray tank environment is corrected and monitored, the cost effectiveness of the application is reduced dramatically. pH Green and pH Green Plus have been formulated to overcome these constraints, correct the spray tank water and therefore increase the effectiveness of the product being sprayed.  

Products applied as a spray will have optimal effectiveness when:

For further information on these products, visit our website: http://www.yieldplus.co.za/  

Tip of the month  

In hot conditions, applications should be made early morning or late afternoon to minimise evaporation from the surface of the plant.  


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